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Lake Freighter Minis is a kit that fills the void for a Great Lakes freighter model in today's market. They are colored and laser printed on 100 pound cover stock paper. These Great Lakes freighter models, created by Bob May, are extremely durable, detailed, and fun to build. 


As these kits are not for the novice, hobby shops have rated the model kits a 3.5 out of 5 for difficulty. The laser printed parts are ready to be cut out and glued right out of the package! Illustrated instructions help the hobbyist along the way.  All model builders and ship buffs 12 years and older will love this consumer friendly paper model kit.


"I had a lot of fun, and it's a great model. Very nice and accurate details."


~David Booth, CFO Black Ball Ferry Line

"Fantastic models! I have built the Schoonmaker and Fitzgerald with excellent results and I thank you for making them available and affordable."


~Darryn S., Ontario

"I have finished building all of your minis and look forward to any new ones you might design. I will be your first customer when you bring out a new one. Thanks for several hours of retirement enjoyment."


~T. Jordan, Ohio

"The best paper model I've ever seen."


~Marine Artist J. Clary, Michigan

"I truly enjoy building the models. Each one took me about eighteen hours, but it was well worth it. They are a way for me to unwind after work."


~Karen B., Michigan

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  • Charles S. Price

  • Chi-Cheemaun

  • City of Milwaukee

  • Cliffs Victory

  • Col. James M. Schoonmaker

  • Edmund Fitzgerald

  • Paul R. Tregurtha

  • Roger Blough


  • S.S. Badger

  • S.S. Lane Victory

  • S. S. Ste Claire

  • Steamer Regina

  • Titanic NEW!

  • Victory II Cruise Ship    

  • Willis B. Boyer

  • Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

  • Wyandotte

Freighter Model
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